Zoho One’s new unified experience on its operating system for business to gain competitive advantage

Featuring 5 new apps, 3 new services, and 7 major platform enhancements, Zoho One helps businesses to solve disjointed data and systems challenges,  and close communications gaps across teams and departments.

Zoho Corporation introduced new apps and services in Zoho One, the operating system for business. The new release allows businesses to become more productive, adjust to changing business conditions more quickly, and become poised for growth.

Since its release in 2017, over 40,000 organisations have chosen Zoho One as their operating system. During the months of global and economic crises, Zoho One witnessed a 60% y-y customer growth with the average number of apps used by businesses rising to 21 from 19 in the beginning of 2020. Up to now, Zoho has offered services to over 500 organizations in Vietnam alone, including several products such as Zoho Workplace, Zoho CRM, and so on.

Despite the fact that the number of enterprises founded in Vietnam is growing, many of them face significant challenges, and business losses, especially in the COVID-19 outbreak. One of the primary causes of this problem is a lack of a unified operating system as well as proper management tools. Furthermore, because of the COVID-19 epidemic, employees have continued working from home for months to years, requiring organizations to reassess their business management methods. 

As a result, Zoho is a solution for addressing operational, digitization, and retention issues that organizations face. Instead of employing integrated applications with various purposes, the essence of Zoho One is creating a closed process of the operating system with unified data for businesses.

Unified, Real-time Insights for Critical Business Decisions 

Powered by Zia, Zoho’s AI assistant, and Zoho’s BI and Analytics Platform, Zoho One allows users to predict and provide insights across the organisation enabling confident decision-making. New innovations include:

  • Embedded and Conversational BI: Zoho One now features embedded and conversational analytics enabling decision makers to drill down into their data and glean cross-departmental insights, all through natural language commands using Zia Insights. By providing 1,500+ pre-built analytics reports and dashboards, critical business decisions can be made with greater precision and speed. 
  • Data Preparation: This self-service data preparation and management tool is now available in Zoho One. Whether users are preparing data from third-party apps or other sources, DataPrep, powered by machine learning, can help business users integrate, model, cleanse, transform, enrich, and catalog data, as well as integrate with Analytics or a third party for new-found insights.
  • Work Graph: Zoho’s new back-end service, an industry-first for business software, maps interactions between people, resources, systems and processes by studying signals and their strength across the board to build a business-wide work graph that is specific to each individual within the organisation. The result of a work graph will be seen in the day-to-day productivity of users across various apps.
  • Enterprise Search: Zoho’s actionable, organisation-wide search, which is powered by Zia, can now understand  natural language requests. Natural language powered search will lead to more accurate data discovery across teams and functions. 

Unified and Personalised Experience with Context 

Zoho One’s enhanced user experience allows easy customisation and personalisation of workspaces: 

  • Unified Console, Dashboards, and Smart-Stack UI: Employees are now able to see their apps, services, and dashboards in one view with centralisation across calendars, dashboards, navigation, and more.  
  • Customisable Dashboard with Pre-Built Widgets: Widgets encapsulating data across the organisation can be aggregated together in a custom dashboard. This provides users visibility across the organisation in a single view with the ability to drill down just one click away.
  • Org Dictionary: Another industry-first, this new organisation-wide service offers a central dictionary for the entire organisation. It automatically incorporates the organisation’s employee name and other sources offering a central, consistent diction across various Zoho applications and users. Businesses are able to create and import custom dictionaries, the dictionary will also learn from existing data.

In addition, Zoho One has added 3 new apps including Zoho Commerce, Zoho Learn and Zoho Lens

  • Zoho Commerce enables retailers to easily build online shops with the tools needed to construct a website, accept orders, track inventory, process payments, manage shipping, market their brand, and analyze data. 
  • With Zoho Learn, organisations now have a learning management tool that enables interactive training programs and assessments with Zoho’s course builder, which is a better way to nurture employee growth. 
  • Zoho Lens provides remote assistance and guidance to employees through augmented reality (AR) via real-time AR annotation, VoIP and text chat, and more. This allows for efficient management for onsite teams, as well as addressing other business challenges like safety and quality control.

“I have been a Zoho customer for many years. The apps that I like most are Zoho Campaign, Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator, and Zoho Mail. Zoho helps you professionally collect and manage your customers, send effective and measurable email marketing, load results, and manage memberships easily and quickly.”, a CSMO Vietnam client discusses his experience using Zoho services.

“During the Covid outbreak, our club has been very active on social networks. And, thanks to Zoho, I have been able to maintain relationships with clients and organize conferences.”, he continues.


About Zoho

With 50+ apps in nearly every major business category, including sales, marketing, customer support, accounting and back-office operations, and an array of productivity and collaboration tools, Zoho Corporation is one of the world’s most prolific technology companies.

Zoho is privately held and profitable with more than 10,000 employees. Zoho is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with international headquarters in Chennai, India. Additional offices are in Singapore, the United States, India, Japan, China, Canada, Mexico, Australia, the Netherlands, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. For more information, please visit www.zoho.com/


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