EloQ Communications relaunches its market entry services

EloQ Communications today announces the relaunch of its market entry services, initially introduced in 2019, including market research, business match-making, and market visit. Besides, the agency continues to offer its core services in public relations and integrated marketing communications to support clients in brand building, positioning and promotion even after market entry. With this ‘whole package’ offer, EloQ now acts as an A-Z marketing service provider for customers.

International companies, exporters and investors, who are eyeing Vietnam for business networking and expansion, can rely on EloQ Communications for a better assessment and access to this potential market. The three market access services are as follows:

  • Market research: Tailor-made quantitative and qualitative reports to aid in identifying and analyzing market’s size, demands, competition and more.
  • Business match-making: Identification of relevant business opportunities and establishing connections with reliable potential companies, assisting in communications, proposition and negotiation in the local language, and providing consultancy to help clients strike the right deal with the right partners depending on their unique requirements, budgets and business objectives.
  • Market visit: Logistical assistance for visiting clients, including meeting itineraries and other accommodations such as hotel bookings, interpreters, etc. as well as in-the-moment support that customers might need to ensure a seamless and efficient visit.

“Our market access team is strongly able to provide local knowledge regarding Vietnamese regulatory, financial, taxation and commercial issues to help identify opportunities and manage risk,” said Duy Ly, Head of External Relations of EloQ Communications, who took charge of the market access service when it kicked off, continues to supervise this year’s relaunch. “Our sectors of forte include, but are not limited to, agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing and retails. We can’t wait to officially offer our new strength to our clients.”

Beyond companies’ need for market entry support, EloQ’s team of seasoned experts and creative professionals in PR, social media marketing, digital marketing and strategic planning could be of further service to client’s progress of developing, cultivating and maintaining a strong brand image and an enhanced presence in the local market. The agency’s past successes with companies in the Fortune 500 list and multinational corporations from more than 30 cities and regions, including Viber, Intel, Grab, Lazada, Fiserv, Cargill, Booking.com, Alipay, and Duolingo, is proof for their service quality.

Combined with this expertise, companies can rest assured that every marketing-related aspect can be taken care of if they wish to, as EloQ is provably capable of supporting clients with demands that exceed market entry.

“Previously, we could only work with businesses who had already established their presence in Vietnam. We helped amplify that presence and answer the question ‘What can we do next in Vietnam?’ and ‘How to connect with our target audience?’ for our clients. Now, we’re one step up from where we were, being able to support businesses even before they come to Vietnam. We can now answer the question ‘Is Vietnam the right choice?” as well,” said Dr. Clāra Ly-Le, Managing Director of EloQ Communications.

EloQ Communications’ representatives for the newly relaunched market entry service.

As the frontier market in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has been growing strongly and steadily in recent years as one of the world’s most attractive destinations for foreign investors. Well-aware of the nation’s immense potential, EloQ wishes to be the middleman of choice for partners to approach their new markets, both foreign and local. Whether it is getting familiarized with the country’s market particularities or expanding business to another city/area, EloQ is happy to provide well-rounded services that make sure customers’ venture into the Vietnam market is a worthwhile and fruitful investment.


About EloQ Communications

EloQ Communications is an independent communications agency which acts as the eyes, ears, and voice of its clients in the Vietnamese market. Combining local expertise with a global perspective, EloQ works with foreign and Vietnamese companies of all sizes and industries to enhance their images and extend their reach in the Vietnamese market.

EloQ offers a range of marketing services, including PR, social marketing, digital marketing, influencer marketing, business and product branding, crisis communication, integrated strategic planning, and event planning.  The agency values modernity, transparency, and flexibility above all.

For more information about EloQ and its services, please visit www.eloqasia.com