Zoho celebrates 100 million users, strengthens APAC business growth with AI-powered product innovation and client/partner relationships

 Zoho Corporation, a leading global technology company, announces that it is serving 100 million users across its 55+ business applications. Zoho is the first bootstrapped SaaS company to reach this milestone. This growth comes on the heels of the company reaching 1 billion in annual revenue last year. Consistently providing accessible technology while promoting sustainable growth, Zoho has steadily increased its traction from 1 million users in 2008 to 100 million 15 years later—with the last 50 million users added within the past five years. Zoho is profoundly grateful for the enduring support of its more than 700,000 customers across 150+ countries.

“I want to thank all of our customers for trusting us with their business and helping us reach 100 million users worldwide,” said Sridhar Vembu, Co-founder and CEO of Zoho. “This is an impressive milestone for any organization, but it’s particularly sweet for us as a bootstrapped company that’s never raised external capital. And we are not done yet. We have an impressive innovation pipeline covering the next 10 years, investing in deep technologies to serve billions of users around the world. We’re working towards it, and we want to thank all of you for your continued support.”

Zoho remains dedicated to delivering inventive technology and value to customers with a wide range of SaaS solutions. In this current year, Zoho has introduced numerous significant enhancements across multiple product offerings. Alongside these advancements, Zoho has observed substantial growth in the South-East Asia, YOY revenue growth in the region remains at 30%, with widespread adoption of various products across the portfolio of solutions.

In a demonstration of Zoho’s commitment to customers, the Zoho’s flagship user conference Zoholics was held in 6 countries in South-East Asia in 2023. Worldwide, Zoho will host 18 Zoholics across 16 countries in the next 8 weeks. (For a full calendar of Zoholics, please visit: https://www.zoho.com/zoholics/ ). This year, Zoho users in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore were invited to listen in to product update presentations by Zoho leadership, experience product demos by technical teams and hear first-hand from other customers on their Zoho journey in a series of customer panels. Zoholics serves as a platform for Zoho to reinforce its commitment to the the regions’ business community while fostering stronger relationships with valued clients and partners, to share knowledge, experiences, and insights that will undoubtedly empower businesses in the region.

Expanding Resilient Solutions: A Year of Major Updates

Throughout this year, Zoho has been dedicated to providing resilient solutions that support businesses of all sizes. Demonstrating this commitment, Zoho pleased to outline several updates that were announced this year that will help users further streamline operations and enhance productivity.

  1. Integration of OpenAI with Zoho’s Zia: By integrating OpenAI’s cutting-edge technology with Zoho’s intelligent assistant, Zia, businesses can now access enhanced AI capabilities for smarter decision-making and predictive insights. This innovation will enable Zoho users to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.
  2. Trident Dashboard for Zoho Workplace: Zoho introduces the game-changing Trident dashboard, a powerful tool designed to revolutionize how businesses operate in the digital workspace. Simplifying collaboration, task management, and project tracking, Trident empowers teams to work seamlessly and efficiently within Zoho Workplace.
  3. Launch of Privacy-First Browser, Ulaa: Addressing the growing need for data security and privacy, Zoho introduces Ulaa, a privacy-first browser. Ulaa ensures that users’ online activities remain confidential and protected from prying eyes, setting new standards for internet privacy. With Ulaa, users have the ability to separate personal work from business activity while using the same browser.

Press release distributed by EloQ Communications.