Disrupting the smart energy industry in Vietnam and the region

CHINT, a global leader in smart energy solutions, is rapidly expanding their business in Asia Pacific (APAC) with Vietnam as one of their key markets. CHINT had been listed twice in Forbes’ top 50 Asian listed companies in the electrical equipment industry. Today, it is the largest manufacturer of circuit breakers in the world – producing up to 3 million circuit breakers daily to serve the needs of the world.

The company’s smart factories utilize intelligent manufacturing as a crucial element to enhance their production capacity and improve order delivery efficiency. By leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), CHINT integrates research and development, manufacturing, quality control, logistics, and warehousing to streamline their operations and ensure timely production. For example, CHINT’s intelligent manufacturing plant reduces operation cost by 43% and increases production efficiency by 335% compared to the traditional workshop.

With over 35 years of global experience and a team of the industry’s best engineers and research scientists, CHINT partners with businesses, governments, and communities in APAC to reimagine smart energy solutions with next-generation innovations to Empower the World. CHINT offers Power-to-Plug solutions that propel organizations in the United States of America, Europe, West Asia and Africa and Asia Pacific to success with customizable and superior quality products and services that meet their business, environmental and social goals.

CHINT’s Rapid Business Expansion of Footprint in APAC

Last year, the company inaugurated their APAC presence through the launch of its state-of-the-art Innovation Lab and Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore. Since then, CHINT’s 400m2 Asia Pacific Headquarters Innovation Lab has become the go-to platform for businesses, governments, academics, and communities in the region to experience live demonstrations and simulations of proof-of-concept such as EV charging stations, intelligent water systems, photovoltaics, and more. These smart energy technologies are applicable for functions including built environment, data centers, industrial sector, and smart cities.

Additionally, CHINT also established offices in Philippines and Malaysia, while expanding their market share in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Australia. The company has since implemented high-profile projects in the different countries they have presence in. Concurrently, CHINT plays an active role in educating like-minded individuals in the smart energy industry on the importance of delivering safe, reliable, and sustainable solutions while updating the latest standards.

An example of a project that CHINT recently saw from end to end in Ho Chi Minh City in March is the Lawrence S. Ting School rooftop solar power project, which has a total capacity of 86kWp. This is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 30,000kg/year. Furthermore, the school is equipped with a system that measures the amount of electricity generated each day, teaching students how electricity is generated through solar panels while spreading awareness about the importance of renewable energy sources.

CHINT’s warehouse is strategically located in Binh Duong province, enabling an efficient and seamless distribution network across the country, supplying ready low-voltage products. This contributes to CHINT’s strategic partnerships with local distributors and dealers, where they leverage the expertise and market knowledge of local partners to better understand customer requirements and customize solutions accordingly.

Their industry experts are conducting seminar tours in APAC, where they had recently concluded sessions in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, sharing market-specific insights and best practices. Attendees grabbed the opportunity to share their pain points for our speakers to address their challenges, exchanging opinions while fostering a vibrant environment for elevating their knowledge and networking.

As part of its expansion plan in Vietnam, CHINT has widened its distribution channels, closing the gap with the potential market in the North, as well as supporting and explaining any concerns or obstacles that businesses may encounter.

CHINT Vietnam hosting a thought-leadership seminar “Mastering Standards & Technical Expertise with our Industry Experts”

Mr. Lim Say Leong, IEC Ambassador (2018 – 2021) and Technical Director of Asia Pacific, CHINT Global and Sunlight Electrical, a speaker at the seminar, shared his thoughts. “Our long-term partnerships with local industry leaders have set the stage and made such seminars possible. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to speak about sustainability in the smart energy industry. While necessary across all markets, this topic is especially significant locally because of the severe electricity shortage Vietnam is currently experiencing. To balance the rising economic growth and need for more renewable energy sources, smart energy solutions that deploy environmentally friendly technologies have become more crucial than ever. At CHINT, we see the need to support the country with more accessible and reliable electricity.”

Overall, the seminar tours have played a pivotal role in strengthening the industry ecosystem in APAC and have been instrumental in driving growth and fostering knowledge sharing among professionals in the region.

CHINT’s expansion plans in other parts of Asia Pacific include projects such as Sta. Barbara Substation and Mabiga Substation of Pampanga II Electric Cooperative in the Philippines, collaborating with the Philippines Electric Cooperative to bring electricity to rural areas by providing high-voltage electrical equipment and transformers. In Indonesia, CHINT has plans to increase renewable energy implementation in the country’s energy mix to 23% within two years, aligning with Indonesia’s net-zero emissions goal by 2060. In Australia, they played a significant role in the Green Bank Network project, supplying power transformers worth AUD30 million. CHINT also contributed to the Western Downs Green Power Hub and the 88MW Mica Creek solar farm.

Disrupting the Smart Energy Industry through Customized Solutions

To date, CHINT has been working together with their customers in the Asia Pacific region to customize solutions that will solve their unique business and environmental problems, as well as addressing industry challenges with Virtual Factory Acceptance Testing.

“CHINT’s products and services that have been certified by international companies such as DEKRA are competitively priced – a business offering that is disrupting the markets in the region. Currently, we are one of the few companies in the industry that offers a combination of High Voltage, Medium Voltage, and Low-voltage products. With our complete range of products and solutions, coupled with our resilient transport network, we implement projects at top speed. With the establishment of new offices in the region, we will continually grow our local presence and apply our local expertise to serve our customers in the respective countries more effectively and efficiently.”, says Johnson Luu, Director of APAC at CHINT.

“CHINT has been expanding across the globe in the past years, and we will continuously create new job opportunities in this region. We are committed to nurturing the finest talents. Through our programs and partnerships with educational institutions in the region, we will also build a pipeline of talents for the future of the smart energy industry. Our goal is for our current and future employees to persistently reimagine smart energy and develop ground-breaking future-proof solutions to empower the world.”, says Eva Wong, Director of Human Resources APAC at CHINT.

As part of its expansion plans, CHINT will also establish an office in South Korea in FY2023.


About CHINT Global 

Founded in 1984, CHINT’s business across smart electric, green energy, industrial control and automation, smart building, and many others, form a full industry chain advantage encapsulating “electricity”. CHINT has operations in more than 140 countries and regions, with a revenue of nearly USD 16.1 billion in 2021.


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