EloQ Communications wins Tech Behemoths Awards in Advertising, Marketing strategy and Social media marketing

EloQ Communications, a media company specializing in public relations (PR) and integrated marketing in Vietnam, has won 3 awards in the categories of Advertising, Marketing Strategy and Social Media Marketing at the Tech Behemoths Awards 2022. This is an award honoring excellent teams which receive many achievements and good feedback from projects and customers.

The Tech Behemoths 2022 is a trusted certification that shows the company as one of the best performing companies of the year. Tech Behemoths provides complete information about the company such as description, services and reviews, portfolio and product results of the company. The award shows that the company has been well-reviewed by its customers and is potential enough to be contacted by Tech Behemoths certification trustees. Overall, this is a clear testament to the credibility, commitment and seriousness of the projects that have been done by the company. Therefore, Tech Behemoths makes it easier for brands to choose a reputable company that they want to cooperate with for a long run.

EloQ Communications was highly rated with a score of 7 (on a scale of 8). The company was honored in 3 categories: Advertising, Marketing Strategy and Social Network Marketing. This is not the first time EloQ has been honored with its services. In 2021, the company won the Ad World Masters – Agency of the Year 2021, the Best PR Agency in ASEAN and recently the award for the Leading Social Media Marketing and Startup Company in Southeast Asia.

Dr. Clāra Ly-Le, CEO of EloQ Communications, shared: “With 3 important categories that EloQ was honored to receive. Proving expertise and quality services in EloQ projects and products. The last year of 2022 was the beginning of the post-pandemic year. We worked very hard and productively to represent the ability of media representation in Vietnam. The awards in each category are an honor and pride of EloQ’s efforts have been recognized.”

EloQ’s mission will always be to build the image of Vietnam’s PR industry to reach the international level. In order to realize the dream and raise the voice of Vietnamese PR practitioners, EloQ Communications brings vision and implements international standards when providing PR and marketing services in the domestic market to clients.



About EloQ Communications

EloQ Communications is an independent media company with experience working with international clients for projects in Vietnam. By combining local expertise with a global perspective, EloQ has been working with domestic and foreign companies of different sizes and industries to enhance brand image and expand influence in their market in Vietnam.

For more information, please visit https://www.eloqasia.com/en/.

About the Behemoths Awards

The event is organized by the trade site Behemoths, aiming to reward excellence, productivity and positive feedback from business organizations. Each award-winning company is selected by the impact and influence of  their services and products during the year.