Cellapy released Pink Tone Up Ampoule TC 2nd Generation

Cellapy, the popular Korean cosmetics brand just introduced a more powerful pink elasticity that completes bright skin, Pink Tone Up Ampoule TC 2nd Generation. This tone-up ampoule offers 5 in 1 care functions including tone-up, whitening, moisturizing, elasticity, UV protection.

Cellapy has just rolled out “Pink Tone Up Ampoule TC 2nd Generation”.

This is the descendent version of the “Pink Tone Up Ampoule” last year. Unlike the existing tone-up cream, which has been well received by beauty experts as a “new concept tone-up ampoule”.

Cellapy ‘Pink Tone Up Ampoule TC 2nd Generation’ provides a pink-colored elastic glow that has been upgraded with radiance and elasticity ingredients compared with the first generation. “5-Jewel Complex” contains five types of jewelry powder complex, including diamond and sapphire to give tone-up and radiance effect to dull and dark skin. In addition, it maintains a moist and radiant skin expression with melting moisturizing.

Cellapy’s “Pink Tone-Up Ampoule TC 2nd Generation” further strengthened the skin elasticity care function. The Triple Collagen Complex, improves skin elasticity and helps to fill wrinkles and increase elasticity with the FILL&UP elasticity.

“Vietnam is a promising market for cosmetics companies with the market value worth 2.35 billion USD.” said Cho Eun-hye, manager of Sellapy Global Business for Cellapy. “The new product is also expected to gain popularity in Vietnam as it is recognized by Korean consumers and position Cellapy top of mind in Vietnam customers when it comes to cosmetics in general and ampoule in particular.” she said.

Last year, Cellapy’s Pink Tone Up Ampoule has dominated Korea’s flagship brand since its launching and gained great recognition among Korean beauty YouTubers and influencers.

Cellapy has strengthened the expertise of Derma Cosmetics by investing 17 years of clinical experience and 150,000 hours in R&D alone. Based on Real Derma, which is completed by prescription of original ingredients, Cellapy is concentrating on making cosmetics that solve fundamental skin problems based on the right ingredients.

Cellapy products are differentiated from other products in the market as their product formulas are developed in GM SKIN LAB+. GM SKIN LAB+ studies differential skin absorption using various growth factors, stem cell culture medium, and high-purity peptide raw materials to make cosmetics that solve skin problems based on the right ingredients.


About Cellapy

Cellapy is Able C&C’s derma cosmetic brand, currently available in 2,000 skin centers in Korea. The brand name, Cellapy is a compound word of Cell + Therapy which means solving fundamental problems starting at the skin cell unit. Cellapy’s vision is to bring safer products for healthy skin that is made into a small habit of daily life.

Since its establishment, Cellapy has been recognized for its product power as a home care product that can be used for derma care for sensitive skin due to the severe external stimuli facing customers nowadays.


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