New website to provide public relations and crisis communications thought leadership, consulting services and research collaboration opportunities

Dr. Clāra Ly-Le MPRCA, Managing Director of EloQ Communications, announces the new launch of her personal website to share her thought leadership, introduce new consulting services and provide research collaboration opportunities. This website is dedicated to public relations and integrated marketing professionals and researchers who seek insights into Vietnam and ASEAN markets, or look for a new research partner.

Foreign and local businesses planning to conduct any communications activities in Vietnam or across Southeast Asia can now take advantage of Dr. Ly-Le consulting services and latest thought leadership on PR, crisis communications, social media and related topics. Her consultancy includes, but is not limited to, providing recommendations on communications and marketing plans, reviewing media platforms, analyzing news coverage, social listening, etc., on top of media training for companies’ personnel.

Experience is valuable, but formal knowledge is the backbone of delivering successful PR and marketing campaigns. The website also hosts a series of industry insights on Vietnam and Southeast Asia’s communications landscape – content highlights are social media management, crisis communications, KOL (key opinion leader) or influencer marketing, public relations, and most recently, the know-hows to communications during and post COVID-19 pandemic that might come in handy for many practitioners. Readers could utilize these insights for their own purposes, be it work, research or simply catch the drift of what’s going on in the industry in this region of the world.

“In the past ten years, I have supported hundreds of busy professionals from all over the world to uncover, optimize and grow their business and personal brands. It’s about time for me to build my personal profile,” said Dr. Ly-Le. “I want to take this opportunity to share my knowledge and experience to the extended audience, not only my clients but also other communications and marketing practitioners and academics. I would like to invite everyone to join me on my consulting and researching journey, and let’s be in touch.”

Clients who want to move forward and implement a campaign in Vietnam or the region can also benefit from the support of EloQ Communications. Headed by Dr. Ly-Le herself, EloQ works with foreign and Vietnamese companies of all sizes and industries to enhance their images and extend their reach in the Vietnamese market. As a member of the Public Relations & Communications Association Southeast Asia (PRCA SEA), GlobalCom Public Relations Network (GCPR) and Public Relations Network (PRN), EloQ is demonstrably capable of assisting international customers aiming to set foot in Vietnam with its from-A-to-Z range of PR/communications and marketing services.

Further, through this website, Dr. Ly-Le expresses her interest in research collaboration and speakerships. Her research interest centers around her industry background in public relations, along with topics such as business communication, crisis communication, marketing communication and intercultural communication; as well as how academic research can be of service to industry practitioners and the relationship between industry practices and existing research literature.


About Dr. Clāra Ly-Le, MPRCA

As Managing Director of EloQ Communications and board member of PRCA SEA, Dr. Ly-Le’s 10-year experience working in the PR & Communications industry has made her a seasoned senior specialist. With a doctoral degree in crisis communications received from Bond University (Australia), she is eager to combine both her formal knowledge and local field experience to produce helpful advice for fellow professionals, valuable consultancy for clients, useful mentorship support for the young generation and contribute to the improvement of standards for PR practices in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

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