EloQ Communications calls for support for Ukrainian PR agencies

To show support and care for Ukrainian PR community affected by the current Ukraine – Russia war, EloQ Communications, a leading PR and marketing agency in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, calls for companies to consider working with or provide business referrals for these Ukrainian agencies.

A helping hand sometimes can provide the biggest strength to those who are in difficulties. Due to the unwanted war, the lives of Ukrainian PR professionals have turned upside down. Many talented advertising, design, digital communications, and PR practitioners from this part of the world have to seek safety in neighboring countries. However, these Ukrainian practitioners don’t want to rely on charity and become a burden to their host countries while they can offer valuable work.

As a fellow colleague, EloQ Communications calls for brands and multinationals around the world to consider working with Ukrainian agencies if they have the suitable project, such as:

  • Digital projects that can be executed virtually
  • PR and communications consultancy in European countries

Those who are interested can get in touch with EloQ Communications to connect with experienced Ukrainian agencies. With this initiative, EloQ Communications hope to make a difference, both to the client’s campaigns and to the lives of Ukrainian PR professional.

In addition, EloQ is currently postponing all projects with Russian agencies and companies. This decision was made in response to the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA)’s call for members to postpone all projects linked to the Russian government as opposed to the use of military force. While EloQ respects this decision as a part of the association, the agency still hopes that the war will soon be over so that they can continue to deliver PR and marketing services to clients from every country in the world.

“During our work, we’ve crossed paths with amazing people from both Russia and Ukraine, who also shared the same viewpoint on the current situation. Our hearts and minds are now with those who are affected by the conflict. If anyone reading this has specific ideas of how we can support, please let us know and we’re glad to help. Wherever where you come from, be it Ukraine, Russia, or anywhere else, let’s put aside our judgment and display compassion for those who need it,” said Dr. Clāra Ly-Le, Managing Director of EloQ Communications.

With years of experience in the communications sector, EloQ Communications understand that rumors and misinformation circulating in the media can blind our perspectives. It is difficult to know the full truth, especially about a conflict that is happening thousands of miles away. Therefore, the agency is now focusing on helping those who were affected by the war, more specifically, Ukrainian PR and marketing practitioners.


About EloQ Communications

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