ACCIONA brings advanced technologies from Spain to Vietnam

Spain-based ACCIONA, a world leading company in sustainable infrastructure solutions and renewable energy projects for nearly 100 years, officially enters Vietnam by celebrating “Country Launch Event of ACCIONA Vietnam” on October 17, 2019 in HCMC. This enterprise is known for investing in the planet by finding ways to create clean energies, reduce pollution, plastic consumption and ensure universal access to clean water.

The event welcomed Maria Jesus Figa Lopez Palop, Spanish Ambassador to Vietnam;  Luis Castilla, CEO Infrastructure Division ACCIONA, and other representatives of the company. They were also joined by the Ministry of Transport, the Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV), the HCMC Management Authority for Urban Railways (MAUR), the Hanoi Metropolitan Railway Management Board (MRB), the Vietnam Railways, and the Urban Civil Works Construction Investment Management Authority of Ho Chi Minh City (UCCI).

The presence of ACCIONA is deemed to expand foreign cooperation and investment in Vietnam and become a big step to call for other Spanish businesses to explore the country’s potentials. It carries out business activities based on the commitment to contribute to the economic and social development of the communities in which it operates.

ACCIONA sees an extraordinary potential in the Vietnamese market. Its economic recovery, its history, current situation and future prospects show that the market in Vietnam is just one of the many things that make this country stand out.

Vietnam has become one of the fastest-growing economies in the region over the last 40 years, with forecasts that expect future GDP growth to remain above 6% and competitiveness indicators improving year-on-year. Additionally, according to Price Waterhouse Coopers, Vietnam is projected to be among the Top 20 economies in the world and Top 10 in Asia by 2050.

However, the attraction of Vietnam goes far beyond its economic and trade indicators. Luis Castilla, CEO Infrastructure Division ACCIONA, said, “What has really led us to take the decision to come to this country has been that we consider that ACCIONA’s vision for the future is following the same vision of Vietnam. I am talking about Vietnam’s commitment to increase its installed renewable energy capacity; its goal to increase the long-term sustainability, durability and effectiveness of its water services; and of course, its clear intention to promote sustainable infrastructure in the country. All of these objectives have led us to see Vietnam as a long-term market, and that is why we feel so proud to be here today and look upon this country as a new home for us.”

Maria Jesus Figa Lopez Palop, Spanish Ambassador to Vietnam, spoke the event, “We are glad  to have such an important and outstanding Spanish company coming to Vietnam. Bilateral relations between Vietnam and Spain have been deepening and growing since the last year when the trade turnover amounted to more than US$3 billion. It is an impressive figure as we started from a very small amount. The success came from the small to big companies which made their first steps in Vietnam. The presence of ACCIONA, one of the biggest groups in Spain, is expected to contribute a crucial part to Ho Chi Minh City as well as Vietnam. As a representative of the Spanish Government, we are proud to say that ACCIONA is here and we are working with the Vietnamese Government to fight for a better life of the local citizens.”

As part of its growth strategy in the South East Asia region, ACCIONA has arrived in Vietnam in late 2019.

The coming of ACCIONA to Vietnam shows that Vietnam’s infrastructure sector has upbeat outlook in attracting foreign capital. The company’s commitment to the countries in which we work has always been simple: to export our knowledge and experience while ensuring that we become a local firm – and our intentions for Vietnam are no different. ACCIONA has a team of extremely qualified professionals with outstanding technical experience who will bring to Vietnam a remarkable legacy. In the coming years, ACCIONA will work closely with Vietnamese partners to join in other infrastructure projects, which is the strength of this Spanish construction group, such as bridges, airports, metro, ports, hospitals, renewable energy plants, and water plants.



Founded in 1931, ACCIONA is present in more than 40 countries around the world, with a team of more than 40,000 professionals recognized for their outstanding technical expertise. ACCIONA is seen not as a renewable energy company or a construction company, but as a provider of sustainable infrastructure solutions. Innovation and the use of pioneering technology are the hallmark of ACCIONA’s projects. In South East Asia, the company has developed key international flagship projects. ACCIONA has completed projects in Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines. The latest project that ACCIONA has been awarded in the Philippines is Cebu Bridge and the company has recently completed Putatan Water Treatment Plant which serves clean water for 6 million local people.

ACCIONA, one of the biggest international contractors, can add value to its projects throughout their experience, expertise and background. The company aims to become a long-term partner in Vietnam, working towards the development of sustainable infrastructure projects, with a focus in the procurement of Water and Transport Infrastructure to benefit present and future generations.


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