Box office hit Hello, Love, Goodbye comes to 129 theatres in Vietnam!

When reality is far from the expectation you set for yourself, hope can be a powerful driving force towards changing it. The most determined will work day in and day out for a better life, believing their effort will eventually pay off. It’s also been said that love happens when you least expect it to. If, somewhere along the way, a hyper-focused, goal-oriented individual meets someone who may just be “The One”, is building a life around this person now worth setting aside the dreams you’ve worked so hard to reach?

Hello, Love, Goodbye raises these difficult questions in a story that resonates with Filipinos and Vietnamese alike. Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina and produced by ABS-CBN Films, this romantic drama tells the story of two young OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) in Hong Kong whose lives intertwine after a chance run-in with each other.

Hello, Love, Goodbye is currently the most successful and highest-grossing Filipino film of all time, putting ABS-CBN Films on the global map.  It is currently touring Asia Pacific and will premiere in Vietnam on September 27, 2019.

The film revolves around the love story between a young girl named Joy (Bernardo) and a bartender called Ethan (Richards). After leaving her home country, Joy came to Hong Kong city to earn a living to support her family and to eventually pursue her dream of going to Canada. Joy met Ethan, a playboy and also an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who plans to settle down in Hong Kong.

As their love deepens, they need to decide on how can they balance love and career.

Hello, Love, Goodbye highlights just how deep an impact people can make in your life.  It qualifies the age-old saying that people who enter your life serve a purpose.  All the while, it showcases the power of selflessness—how people are capable of going great lengths for those they care about.

On the other hand, it warns viewers about the potential downsides of love.  To what extent will you allow yourself to fall for someone? Moreover, when faced with the inevitable decision between love for oneself and love for another, how does one begin to choose?


Kathryn and Alden are among the Philippines’ youngest superstars. An actress since 2003, Kathryn has starred in a number of multi-awarded television series and box-office hits—her most recent being the horror fantasy show La Luna Sangre, which received two PMPC Star Awards, and the romantic drama film The Hows Of Us, which won the Golden Jury Award for Highest Grossing Filipino Film of All Time at the 50th Guillermo Mendoza Awards as well as the prestigious Camera Obscura Award from the Film Development Council of the Philippines. Kathryn is also the recipient of the Best Foreign TV Actress Award in the 2016 Face of the Year Awards Ho Chi Minh City for “Got To Believe.” and in 2018 for “Pangako Sa ‘Yo”.

Joining her for the first time on screen is Alden Richards, the Filipinos’ “Pambansang Bae” who rose to fame in 2015 as a member of the afternoon variety show Eat Bulaga. The 27-year-old actor already has several film projects under his belt, such as the critically acclaimed Imagine You and Me, in which he was dubbed the Prince of Philippine Movies 2016. He has also bagged international accolades, namely a silver medal in the docudrama category of the New York Festivals Television and Film Awards for his portrayal as Bonifacio Ilagan, in Alaala: A Martial Law Special, and most recently the Asian Star Prize at this year’s Seoul International Drama Awards.

Hello, Love, Goodbye is showing on September 27, 2019 in over 129 cinemas nationwide at BHD, Lotte, CGV and EVG malls. Book your tickets through


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