Scientifically predict love life with Nanaya, app launching in Vietnam at the turn of the year

Nanaya is the first app to scientifically predict love life

Nanaya is announcing the official launch of the world’s first application to scientifically predict the future of users’ love in Vietnam at the beginning of 2020.

Do your New Year’s Resolutions include finding a serious relationship? You may not want to leave your 2020’s love goals unachieved when 2021 comes – as it happened in the last few years. This year, let Nanaya help.


Nanaya was created in 2015 as the brainchild of the company’s founder, Rashied Amini – Ph.D., former NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory systems engineer. The algorithm is based on the same methods he used in designing future space missions.

It is said that love happens when you least expect it. However, the Nanaya app can predict the odds of finding love, where and when it will happen, the best time to settle down and more, by using algorithms and data mining. After analyzing a number of factors, including age, personality, career, religion, lifestyle, psychology and political views, Nanaya app foresees an individual’s love life and suggests the best ways to find successful relationships.

After users complete a 5 – 15-minute questionnaire, the app generates a report on the user’s future romances, social life, friend network and personality. Because reports are algorithmically generated from over a thousand dimensions, each report is completely unique and tailored to the user. The Nanaya app is not an online dating platform.

With each new user, the accuracy of all reports improves. Before launching, Nanaya had been tested with 100,000 beta users, adding more features, including the ability to predict if people should stay together or break up.

“I made Nanaya to encourage honesty and to bring people together,” Amini said. “Looking at your possible futures is like staring into a mirror – it forces self-awareness.”


There are more and more Vietnamese staying single nowadays. According to General Statistics Office Of Vietnam, 10.1% of urban families are one-person households in 2019, increasing from 9,1% in 2014 and 6.23% in 2004.

The average age at first marriage in Vietnam is now 26.2 for men and 23 for women, in comparison to 25.4 and 22.8 in 2005. The General Office for Population and Family predicted by 2050, Vietnam will see a surplus of some 2.3 million to 4.3 million males, so millions of men will not be able to find partners or significant others.  There is an increasing trend of being single, especially for working women in big cities.

During the Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tet), when people go back to their hometown for the holiday, single ones in their 30s have to face numerous questions about their relationship status from their families, relatives, neighbors, or unknown visitors… The pressure is higher for women, who are supposed to get married and settle down before turning 30.

It’s 3 weeks until the Tet Holiday! No worries, Nanaya app offers you an effective tool coming just in time, when it’s getting more and more challenging to find serious relationships, and relying on your luck is not enough. Nanaya suggests places to find your love, and predicts when to settle down, together with plenty of analysis.

The app is available to use on Nanaya’s Web site, Optional premium features double the size of the report will be available for up to VND 92,000 ($3.99). Available languages include Vietnamese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Greek.



About Nanaya

Nanaya is a worldwide leader in science-based romantic studies and the creators of the world’s first app to scientifically predict your love life. Nanaya offers these services as well as compiles data for educational and informational purposes. The goal at Nanaya is to help people make hard life decisions with technology. Nanaya’s founders strongly believe in using data to improve the lives of others.

Nanaya is a registered trademark.  The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.


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