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Once a year, customers attending Sivantos’ Asia Pacific Annual Conference (APAC) get to know the latest products across all brands and experience hands-on activities in clinical workshops and the marketplace. In recent years, they have been presented with world’s firsts and hearwear perceived by many as game changing. Attendees are given the opportunity to hear from and ask questions to internal speakers on hearing-related topics throughout the conference.

This year, APAC is scheduled to take place from April 25-27 in Hanoi, Vietnam. 200 of Sivantos’ Southeast Asian customers, hearing care professionals as well as distributors and subsidiaries, will attend the conference. The event is organized by Sivantos, one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, and the only one headquartered in Asia – specifically, Singapore.

Surely, a highlight of this year’s event will be Signia’s latest innovation, Styletto Connect. Built upon Signia’s revolutionary SLIM-RIC form factor with the Signia Nx technology platform, Styletto Connect combines exceptional design with high-quality connectivity to the wearer’s smartphone to stream calls, music and TV via Bluetooth, plus fully portable rechargeability. A Signia Consumer Study from 2018 showed that 8 out of 10 people prefer the SLIM-RIC design, when presented with a choice. The unique Styletto design has already won two awards this year (iF Gold Design Award, March; Red Dot Design Award, April).

“This type of international recognition for top design in hearing aids is important to us, as we strongly believe that combining the most advanced hearing aid technology with the most desirable design helps to fight the stigma surrounding hearing aids still today,” said Maarten Barmentlo, WS Audiology Chief Marketing Officer.

WS Audiology was formed as recently as March 2019 through the combination of Singapore-headquartered Sivantos and Denmark-based Widex, which means its roots go back all the way to 1878. The company employs more than 10,000 people worldwide and is active in more than 125 markets. One out of three hearing aids is made by WS Audiology.


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